The Committee

Get to know the Swansea University Archery Club committee for 2019/20!


Adam Tankard

  • Bowstyle: Barebow
  • Favourite Song: Cheers Elephant – Airliner
  • Favourite Archer: Cupid
  • Favourite Food: Frikadeller
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: SUAC
  • Fun Fact: I know a great joke about a tractor


Haydn Hayes

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  • Bowstyle: Barebow
  • Favourite Song: Depeche Mode – Jesus
  • Favourite Archer: Robin Hood
  • Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: SUAC
  • Fun Fact: I have worked at McDonald’s for two years and am yet to eat a Big Mac


Riley Brightwell

  • Bowstyle: Recurve
  • Favourite Song: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Robot Stop
  • Favourite Archer: Isobelle Chalmers
  • Favourite Food: Leaves
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: 16:9
  • Fun Fact: Can’t eat eggs lol

Team Captain:

Matt Walker

  • Bowstyle: Compound
  • Favourite Song: Elton John – Tiny Dancer
  • Favourite Archer: Green Arrow
  • Favourite Food: Garlic Bread
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: The Mumbles
  • Fun Fact: Authored two human rights monitoring reports for the UN


Ricki Duffield

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  • Bowstyle: Compound
  • Favourite Song: AJR – Burn the House Down
  • Favourite Archer: Laurence “Prophet” Barnes
  • Favourite Food: Food
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: Pokestops everywhere!
  • Fun Fact: Received an award from the Institute of Physics for work in solar flare detection

Equipment Officers:

Michał Niebudek

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  • Bowstyle: Recurve
  • Favourite Song: Rammstein – Sonne
  • Favourite Archer: Tom Braxton
  • Favourite Food: Pizza
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: Beach
  • Fun Fact: Can see, hear, and breathe all at the same time

Tom Jackson

  • Bowstyle: (Usually) Compound
  • Favourite Song:
  • Favourite Archer: Your first Skyrim character, and your first Skyrim character, and your…
  • Favourite Food: Ice Cream
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: There’s a hill with a very nice view right next to my house
  • Fun Fact: I have, on a regular basis, eaten enough ice cream that it caused a noticeable change in my body weight, I also appear to be immune to diabetes.

Competitions Officer:

Keely Pringle

  • Bowstyle: Longbow
  • Favourite Song: 
  • Favourite Archer: 
  • Favourite Food: 
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: 
  • Fun Fact: 

Social Secretary:

Isobelle Chalmers

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  • Bowstyle: Recurve
  • Favourite Song: Hippo Campus – Buttercup
  • Favourite Archer: Riley Brightwell
  • Favourite Food: Anything from Wagamama
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: Sin City
  • Fun Fact: Had two experiments done on the international space station

Media Officer:

Isobel Medcroft

  • Bowstyle: Longbow
  • Favourite Song: Oneus – Valkyrie / iKON – Bling Bling
  • Favourite Archer: Merida (Brave)
  • Favourite Food: Ice Cream / Dorayaki Pancakes
  • Favourite Aspect of Swansea: Verdi’s Cafe
  • Fun Fact: Works for the Student Union in JCs Bar and on the SU Reception