I’ve never done any archery before coming to university. Can I still join the club?

Yes by all means. At the beginning of each year we run a five week training course for all freshers with our experienced coaches which aims to give you the skills and confidence to shoot on your own. All kit is provided.

I’ve heard that buying a bow is quite expensive. Do I have to buy my own equipment?

Shortly after you complete your freshers training the club runs a trip to Merlin Archery in Loughborough for anyone who wants to buy their own bow. It’s not mandatory for you to do so as the club has many of its own bows which you’d be welcome to continue to use. However it must be noted that these are fairly basic and anyone who may wish to compete at BUCS or other competitions would be advised to buy a more advanced bow.

I already own my own bow. Will I be able to shoot it at the club?

Yes. We just ask that our equipment officers take a look at it in order to make sure it’s safe to shoot. Crossbows are unfortunately not allowed.

I’ve shot a lot at ranges in the past. Do I need to take part in the 5 week training course?

Whilst it’s not mandatory we suggest you do attend in order to get to know the coaches and fellow club members. It’s also good for our coaches to see that you are capable of shooting safely and you never know, you might pick up a few new tips!

Do you accept Swansea University staff?

Yes! We welcome everyone. You will however need to purchase an “Associate Membership” if you are not enrolled as a student at Swansea Uni. You will also need to purchase your own membership to Archery GB.

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