Outdoor classifications are scores which archers aim to achieve within one outdoor season. They differ according to bow style, gender, age and round. In order to obtain 3rd. 2nd 1st and Bowman badges you must score three appropriate rounds within one outdoor season at at least a club tournament day. In order to obtain a Master Bowman or Grand Master Bowman badges you must shoot three appropriate rounds at a record status event.

A full breakdown of classification scores for both metric and imperial rounds can be found via the links below:

Male Recurve
Female Recurve
Male Compound
Female Compound
Male Barebow
Female Barebow
Male Longbow
Female Longbow

Swansea University Archery Club members can submit a claim for 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Bowman badges via the link below.


Only one badge per bow style can be claimed per season.