Welcome to Swansea University Archery Club!


This website will tell you everything you need to know about Swansea University Archery Club including competition results, training tips, membership info and events. Our club is open to all students studying at Swansea University and associate membership options are available. Whether you’ve done archery before or just wanting to give it a go, all levels of experience are welcome!


Captain’s Welcome

“Hello there, welcome to Swansea University Archery Club! I’m the Captain, Nicole, and I oversee the general running of the club, organisation within the club and am in charge of communications with Sports Swansea. My number one goal is to ensure everyone gets to enjoy shooting, meaning I listen to everyone’s views and opinions, and with them I intend to adapt the club to create the best environment for everyone. If it’s your first-time shooting, or you’ve been shooting for years, you’re always welcome here. If you like to join use please get in contact, hope to see you soon!


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Swansea SWWU

On Saturday 12th May Swansea played host to the first outdoor competition of the SWWU 2017/18 league. Universities from all over Wales and the South West of England attended with over 40 archers competing at Sketty Lane Sports Village. The results at the end of the 1440 round can be found at the link below. … Continue reading Swansea SWWU

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